Seeds of Deception: Planting Destruction of America's Children (Hardcover)

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"Is the foundation of America sinking into a humanist philosophy?" " Are American values and mores struggling for survival?" " Are the voices of authority and discipline disappearing into an abyss of political correctness?" " Is compromise the mission statement of our schools, families, churches, and communities?" "Do you still ask yourself 'How did Hitler win the minds of the people'?" Mind Control is a living rapidly expanding force in our world today. Nazi Germany had their "Hitler Youth", the Middle East has their "Madrasas" and America has its SEED Program. SEED is uncompromising in reaching, grasping and catching all who enter its domain. It is quiet and secretive, giving love and acceptance to those who give up traditional values and morals. The journey of one woman, asking why, discovers mind control of our American youth. Only worse, it's mind control that begins with parents, teachers, businesses, church leaders and the communities in which we live. Read compelling evidence of slow, methodical ways our Country is manipulated into transformation by SEED programs behind "closed" doors. Learn the truth behind Seeds of Deception's manipulative agents causing destruction of our most prized possessions, our children and grandchildren.
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ISBN: 9781418401818
ISBN-10: 1418401811
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: June 17th, 2004
Pages: 372
Language: English