American Voters Are Really Stupid (Paperback)

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This book is an indictment against the wealthy, their lobbyists, and their politicians who have controlled the government of this country for more than two hundred years. Hiding behind their smiles, patriotic sentimentality, and religious declarations, politicians have been lying to us for generations. As secret representatives of business conglomerates, religious power groups, media empires, banking and insurance institutions, advertising agencies, and the fascist conspiracy that doesn't exist, they have been writing laws all these years to relieve the tax burden on the wealthy and big business. They use tax dollars to pay off their election supporters with government contracts. They create wars to make the wealthy even wealthier while ordering na ve idealists in the military to kill and die on battlefields around the world. Using the same slimy, soul winning devices of revivalists on the sawdust trail, politicians for reelection glad handed, hugged, kissed babies, and joked with the troops to win the voters' confidence. Everything will be all right if we vote the party line, encourage our children to join the military, go to church, and stay the course. Elmer Gantry and recent presidents had a lot in common. Many of those families who had become wealthy during the colonial period supported the Revolutionary War, so that they would control the government that followed. They felt the American people owed them a debt for their contributions to the war effort; therefore, they assumed power over this new democracy as if it were theirs. The elitist snobbery that existed in colonial days is with us still, and the laws that keep this oligarchy in power are tightening their stranglehold evermore securely. The stupid American voters cannot see what is going on because they are too busy entertaining themselves with their toys and addictions.
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ISBN: 9781420882087
ISBN-10: 1420882082
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: October 6th, 2005
Pages: 196
Language: English