The Katrina Puzzle: America's Disgrace (Paperback)

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Stop those who want to double gasoline and diesel prices overnight

So how does abandoning South Louisiana effect you? It affects everyone that uses gasoline, diesel, or home heating oil. It affects every taxpayer whose money has been almost totally wasted by FEMA and other federal government agencies.

Insurance companies are being allowed to not pay thier policies And, it can happen to you next

The levee protection system has not begun in most places. People are still suffering. Progoganda and disinformation is deceiving the nation about the progress of the recovery. The Iraq War is being used to "Wag the Dog" and distract the nation from the real threat--That a hurricane could wipe out South Louisiana and it's oil refining abilities. We could lose half the county's gasoline refining capabilities in one storm. The price of gas and diesel could double overnight for you the consumer.

It would result in higher prices of everything that must be shipped. Inform yourself by reading this book which is chocked full of true facts and true life experiences. The same abandonment could happen in your area next.

Also consider the common sense solutions that are offered to save a region so critical to everyone in the United States and all connected to the new global economy.

10 cents from every book will go to Katrina Surivor relief. Please help U.S. citizens victimized by the lack of recovery efforts.
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ISBN: 9781432707293
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Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: July 24th, 2007
Pages: 248
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