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10 Questions for Atheists: by a Rational Monotheist (Paperback)

10 Questions for Atheists: by a Rational Monotheist Cover Image
By Funda Sahin (Translator), Edip Yuksel
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This is the partial translation of Edip Yuksel's Turkish book, Ateistlere 19 Soru (19 Questions for Atheists). The complete translation, God willing will be translated later. This book contains 10 philosophical arguments for God's existence and divine message by a rational monotheist. Some of the arguments are original. Classic arguments are also improved, articulated with interesting examples and presented in an easy to understand style. The arguments are proven to be powerful in face-to-face debates held on live TV programs or in conference rooms. Edip Yuksel has debated face-to-face with prominent atheists, scientists and religious scholars. Edip Y ksel has never lost an argument and is committed to never lose in the future, since he is a lover of wisdom, a seeker of truth. Whenever Edip learns his errors he does not hesitate to correct himself and thanks the opponent for helping him to correct his error. In fact, he gave up his carrier as the best-selling-author, his fame as the leader of millions of Islamists, political prospects, and risked everything including his life, after a series of debates with an Egyptian-American scientist, leading Edip correcting the biggest mistake of his life, adhering Sunni religion. Some of the debates end with dramatic intellectual knock-outs, such as escaping from the live TV program watched by millions (Dr S leyman Ateş), asking the video debate not to be published after signing it to be published for a documentary (Dr Michael Shermer), forcefully grabbing the book from Edip's hand in a live TV program (Selahattin Yazici), escaping from his own mosque while having video-recorded discussion for a documentary (Imam Shamsi Ali), and the philosophy professor in Kazakhstan who escaped to another universe (Prof Beket Nurzhanov), etc. And of course, some debates ended very cordially, like the one through mail correspondence with late Dr Carl Sagan or with Dr David Silverman of American Atheist Organization.Edip challenges Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Lawrence Krauss and other prominent atheists. Some of Edip's debates are recorded and available at YouTube. They include Dr Carl Sagan (Late Astronomer at Cornell University), Dr Michael Shermer (Author and President of The Skeptic Society), Dr David Silverman (President of American Atheists Org), Imam Shamsi Ali (Imam of Islamic Cultural Center in NY), Dr S leyman Ateş (former Head of Turkish Religious Affairs), Dr Haluk Oral (Math Professor at Bosporus University), Selahattin Yazıcı (Pres of Turkish Theology Graduates), Jay Smith (Evangelist), Dr John Conway (Math professor at Princeton)
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ISBN: 9781708446574
ISBN-10: 1708446575
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 14th, 2019
Pages: 220
Language: English


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