Whites Are an Endangered Species: Living in a Post-Truth Racial Reality (Paperback)

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This book explores the conspiracy theory that whites are endangered species as held and promoted by President Trump, sycophants in his base, including Neo-Nazis, Klan members and white nationalists in the United States and across the globe. President Trump, the Divider-in-Chief, is described as deconstructing inclusive democratic values and replacing them with white supremacist conspiracy viewpoints and policies. His bromance with tyrants, fascists, and depots worldwide is highlighted. The impact upon nonwhites in terms of self-destructive or suicidal behavior is perused. Most of which or victims of self-hate in white supremacy societies that are hostile to the "others." The real threats to Caucasians are examined. They are identified as pollutions incurred into the air, land, and waterways by the pursuit of incalculable wealth concentrated in the hands of a few affluent families by "robber baron" patriarchs. The emissions released have increased people diagnosed with cancer and reduced the fertility of those with fair-skin. The other side effects of wealth, like increased education by women in the privileged class for better jobs and financial independence as incentives to reduce birth rates, are not thoroughly examined. Legalized abortion is seen as evidence of a conspiracy to purge whiteness or white majority and must be banned by the courts that formerly upheld it. These mainstream white genocide theorists, like Trump and other Republican leaders pandering to the prolife coalition, believe that packing the courts with anti-abortion judges can remedy this problem. But, the primary focus of this book is on how pollution impacts white depopulation. In doing so, the book examines the connection between emissions and higher temperatures across the globe, referred to as Global Warming. This climate change has raised tides, sea-levels, floods, and intensity of tropical storms that threaten the very centers of wealth that best benefits from emissions from industry, car propelled by fossil fuel and other chemical waste. The truth about the real causes of "white genocide" is the quest of the abundance of wealth by the most affluent 1 percent of the population. The president and his billionaire cabinet of billionaires who are getting richer by exploiting race and pandering to other members of the 1 percent and "want-a-be" base through Fox News, their echo chamber, are exposed for promoting a record number of lies and propaganda to transform or democracy into a fascist state headed by a Trump kleptocracy. Unless successfully resisted, "the wealthy would get wealthier and the poor would get poorer." To divert the public from this truth, Trump and his allies, including the Kremlin, are distracting the public from seeing how they are stealing our democracy and constitutional liberties by dividing us by race, ethnicity, religion, and communities.
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Publication Date: September 23rd, 2018
Pages: 146
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