Relationship Communication for Couples: A Practical Guide to Improve Empathy and Learn the Art of Persuasion to Achieve Successful in Relationships. D (Paperback)

Relationship Communication for Couples: A Practical Guide to Improve Empathy and Learn the Art of Persuasion to Achieve Successful in Relationships. D Cover Image
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A practical guide to improving empathy and learn the art of persuasion to achieve success in relationships and develop communication skills for couples.

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A book that you need to walk you through towards your journey of establishing new relationships and nurturing them into positive relationships that can lead to marriage.

Communication has always been a problem for many couples. A common assumption is an imagination that your spouse knows you so well to the extent that they should be able to read your thoughts.

The truth is, no human being on the face of the earth can fully understand someone's feelings. It is essential that in any relationship, you should not work with assumptions but focus on clarity and understanding. Some several mistakes and misunderstandings could not happen if only you sought to work without any appropriation. The book is authored to expose the different forms of communication that can be put to use by a coupe to make their relationship better. Focus on a few things to avoid if you are to have a productive and positive relationship.

An area that seems to have a lot of misunderstanding is when a spouse feels validating is agreeing to what the other party is saying. Validation is merely acknowledging someone's ideas, thoughts and experiences. Another area that is strongly coming out is when you are dealing with a manipulator, yet you think it is love. It takes courage and a lot of self-love to walk away from a manipulating relationship or to set things right with a manipulating spouse.

Emphasis is on overcoming the challenges and repairing of broken trust. Having mastered that broken trust is like a broken mirror. Putting the pieces back together, you will still see the cracks every time you try to look at yourself through the mirror. That is what happens in a relationship, and it makes it very difficult to rebuild broken trust.

Inside this book, you will find:

  • How to understand emotions in a relationship and accepting yourself and your partner
  • How better communication leads to a healthier relationship
  • How to have a productive dialogue (tips) and Practicing conversation in your relationship
  • Emotional invalidation and the effects of cancellation among couples
  • The power of validation
  • The role and importance of empathy in your relationship and the influence or importance of understanding in relationships
  • How to develop empathy (nurture empathy) and tips on how to communicate with compassion and how lack of empathy destroys relationships
  • The art of persuasion in relationships and Mind manipulation in relation
  • How to instantly recognize a mind manipulator in your love relationship and the difference between love and manipulation
  • Transforming new communications skills into healthy habits
  • Better Future with Healthy Relationships

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Publication Date: December 3rd, 2020
Pages: 150
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