Manipulación: Aprende sobre Lenguaje Corporal, PNL y Cómo Analizar, Leer, Influenciar y Persuadir a las Personas Para Ser un Profesi (Hardcover)

Manipulación: Aprende sobre Lenguaje Corporal, PNL y Cómo Analizar, Leer, Influenciar y Persuadir a las Personas Para Ser un Profesi Cover Image
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Discover how to read people like an open book and master the art of persuasion.

Are you searching for an incredible introduction to the world of manipulation and dark psychology?

Want to know how you can practice the art of speed reading people and pick up on subtle non-verbal cues?

Then this book is for you

Your customers will never stop using this awesome book

Inside this brilliant book, you'll delve into the secret art of manipulation, unveiling how you can learn to become an expert speed-reader and identify body language cues with ease. Drawing on the latest scientific and psychological insights, you'll gain a deep and profound understanding of persuasion, NLP, mind control, and hypnosis.

Whether you want to learn to spot a lie, detect manipulation for yourself, or even figure out what people are thinking from subconscious cues, this book provides a detailed and comprehensive introduction to all these skills and more. Plus, with practical exercises and real-life examples so that you can see these strategies in action, this guide is perfect for anyone who wants to read other people and influence their behavior - all without them even knowing it.

In this book, you'll discover:

  • Why YOU Should Learn To Speed Read People Today
  • Breaking Down Common Human Behavior and Psychology
  • Surprisingly Simple Tips To Spot a Lie
  • Practical Ways To Master Manipulation, Persuasion, and Mind Control
  • Why Neuro-Linguistic Programming Is a Powerful Tool For Manipulating People
  • Exploring The Best Techniques For Dark Psychology
  • How Dark Psychology Can Help You Control Your Own Mind and Emotions
  • Understanding Covert Emotional Manipulation and Its Uses
  • How To Harness The Power of Subliminal Manipulation and Hypnosis
  • And More

These proven techniques are incredible tools which can help you boost your confidence, win negotiations, defend yourself from manipulators, and improve your relationships. No matter your goals or your level of experience, this book offers you the power to understand people, the power to control others subconsciously, and the power to defend yourself from manipulative tricks.

Buy it NOW and let your customers begin to manipulate and defend from manipulators

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Est's buscando una incre ble introducci n al mundo de la manipulaci n y la psicolog a oscura? Quieres saber c mo puedes practicar el arte de la lectura r pida de la gente y captar sutiles se ales no verbales? Entonces este libro es para ti

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ISBN: 9781801472272
ISBN-10: 1801472270
Publisher: Innovative Wave Ltd
Publication Date: December 7th, 2020
Pages: 494
Language: Spanish