Eye Contact Training: Get Women, Increase Your Power & Become a True Leader (Body Language #2) (Paperback)

Eye Contact Training: Get Women, Increase Your Power & Become a True Leader (Body Language #2) Cover Image
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This is book number 2 in the Body Language series.


Have you ever struggled to hold Eye Contact?

Best-selling author Robert Moore will teach you how to look directly in the eyes of your boss without fear.

And what about handling a POWERFUL eye contact with a super hot girl, blowing her mind away with all kinds of sexual desire? Consider it done: you can learn this skill in less than 7 days

What if I told you that with some easy, powerful exercises you can get a deep, high status eye contact in just a few days? It would change your life, right?

Well, IT SURE CHANGED MY LIFE. When you can handle the tension of a deep eye contact with everyone, you feel invincible. When you can handle the eyes of your boss, staring directly at them with confidence, then you'll stop feeling like his slave.

And with girls... damn, a high status eye contact it's completely GAME-CHANGING.
The techniques I show you in this book will make them chasing for your attention: they are so powerful, that even HOLLYWOOD ACTORS use them.

People will start doing things for you, they will start looking to you for decisions and, for the most part, they'll simply do whatever you say.

Now, here is what you'll discover inside Eye Contact Training...

  • Why a high status Eye Contact is so important for your life
  • One simple trick to deep, powerful, relaxed eye contact - in any situation...
  • How to command complete control of your eyes and your attention: this SCREAMS high-status to anybody watching
  • Eye Contact Training: how to OWN your internal tension - Specific practices and exercises to train you how to handle tension inside...
  • How to appear more charismatic and confident, in a matter of seconds
  • What your eyes should never be doing, though you probably do it daily - and no, it's not what you think...
  • How to feel comfortable making eye contact with anyone, stranger or friend... and use it to make them comfortable with you
  • Authority secrets to force others to respect you and desire your presence...
  • ...And Much More

Take action today and grab your copy of Eye Contact Training

Your eyes will never be the same, my action-taking friend: )

Product Details
ISBN: 9788831448086
ISBN-10: 8831448080
Publisher: Robert Moore
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2019
Pages: 106
Language: English
Series: Body Language